Today, my baby, my princess, my little girl, Aurora, is 16 years old. But unlike most 16 year olds, she will never drive a car. She will most likely never have a full-time job. She will never get married. And she will either have to live with one of her parents until we can no longer care for her, or she'll have to go live in a home to be cared for under full-time supervision.

When she was born 16 years ago, on the closing day of the Salt Lake Olympics, we were told "She looks a little weird." Tests later confirmed a Partial Trisomy of the 16th Chromosome. A random chromosomal mutation. We were told to have low expectations. We were told she may never walk, talk, or even be on this planet very long.

But here we are, 16 years later. Aurora may not walk perfect, or talk perfect, but she walks and talks like Aurora. She sings and dances like Aurora. She laughs like Aurora, and loves like Aurora. And those who have met her and know her love her right back. Because she's Aurora and she's awesome. 

Happy Sweet Sixteen, My Girl. Here's to sixteen more years of laughs and love. 

Mom ❤😚🌹🤘🎈🎉