I mean really, UGH is how I feel about getting new acting headshots. The necessary evil, as it were. Necessary because as an actor, obviously you have to have them. Evil because of how expensive they are, amiright?

Chu-ching goes the credit card. And we're supposed to do this EVERY YEAR (for women at least)? (I haven't, for the record, for quite a few reasons.)

And not only are they expensive, talk about the anxiety of finding someone you like. The last couple of times I went to my friend Chris Popio of PopioStumpf Photography. I like Chris a lot, and he always made me feel comfortable, but I just really felt like I needed a change. I'm doing that a lot lately. 

I met Sandra Morris of Sally Blood Photo when we needed some marketing portraits for Bluebird Arts' production of Hello and Goodbye back in 2015. I really liked the work Sandy did and how comfortable she made me feel, and I also really liked the work I saw in her portfolio, so I thought I'd give her a try.

First of all, as you have already read, comfort is important to me, as I'm assuming it is with most people. For the sake of full disclosure, I've always had a struggle with, and continue to work through, self-esteem issues of the low variety, as many people do. And because of this I find it difficult to enjoy the picture-taking process. I can get really self-conscious fast, so it's incredibly helpful for me to have a photographer who can walk me gently through the process. And a sense of humor is always helpful. Sandy was great at both.

Second, I can tell you after going through the first round of images Sandy picked out, UGH it's still, to this day (20 years in theatre and film), difficult for me to judge myself objectively. Again, I'm sure there are many of you who go through the same stinking thing. I do think what I've seen from the shots Sandy took really exceeded my expectations as I saw a lot of good images. Although difficult for me to turn my self-critical brain off, I have high hopes for finding something that really reflects who I am as a person and an actor.

Last, here's a sample image from what I have to choose from. Sandy likes to do some shadow work, and while at first I was skeptical, here is one I thought was interesting in a good way. I do have some full light images as well, so please don't think this is all she does (follow the links to her site to see more). I just thought I'd share this one as it's probably a little to shadowy to use for my official headshot. When I finally pick it, I'll let you know.

Extra shouts out to my friend Megg at Megg Does Makeup for doing the hard task of making my face look like me, just better. And Dottie (a great new connection through Megg) at Hair Party for the cut. Curly hair is a special beast.

PS. I do love the artist women I've been surrounding myself with as of late. 



wARTS & all

Photo by  Sally Blood Photo , May 2017

Photo by Sally Blood Photo, May 2017